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User Guide
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User Guide
Release Notes
Windows PC
Windows PC

Note: The User Guide details all the features for the main software version while the Release Notes document details all the changes from the main version to the current release. You need to have both files for comptele software documentation.
Please refer to the software documentation above and the support links on this page
before contacting us for technical or regsistration questions

Our dealers are also at your service if you would like to request information in your language, advice on additional hardware or software, solutions or quotes for a particular configuration etc.. Check out the ArKaos VJ-DJ dealers page or the ArKaos Pro dealers page.

Before requesting for support

If you have not found a solution to your problem in the software documentation above, search the Knowledgebase to see if your solution is not already listed there.
You may also check out the ArKaos Users Discussion Forum where questions about configuration with specific third party hardware / software may already have been answered.

Register for a support account

Register for an ArKaos Support Account (free) in order to be able to check the status of your trouble tickets, post replies to our team or create new touble tickets directly from our web interface.
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Software registration procedures

Don't know what to do with the code printed on your CD? Need to generare a new serial number? Concerned about the staus of your license?
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Configuring your software

Can't figure out how to configure your ArKaos software to work with other devices? Need help with monitors setup? Experiencing software crashes?
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Support opening hours

Our support team answers your requests during office hours (CET) on week days.
After submitting a trouble ticket, please wait for an answer from our support team before sending another support request. We generally answer most trouble tickets about registration within one business day.

Getting more support

Where to find your software user manual? How to register for a support account? What to do if you don't get an answer?
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Vous parlez français? Nous aussi! Lorsque vous postez un ticket de support pour demander de l'aide n'hésitez pas à le faire en français, nous vous répondrons également en français.

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