I'm experiencing frequent software crash, what can be the cause?


I'm experiencing frequent software crashes, what can be the cause?


Many things can go wrong on a computer and cause a software to crash, especially if you're working on the same computer that you use every day for surfing the Web, reading your e-mails etc.. If your software frequently crashes, here are the first things to check before investigating any further:

  • Make sure you are running the latest version of the software: the version you received on the install CD may not be the last one available, it depends on your reseller's stock. You can download the latest version from our web site.
  • Make sure your operating system and Media Players are up to date: our software relies on several components that are updated with your operating system (such as QuickTime on the Mac or DirectX on the PC)
  • Make sure you have the latest drivers for your graphics card: sometimes you will have more recent drivers on the manufacturer's web site than those you can get with your operating system updates.

If that still doesn't work:

Try resetting the software to its default preferences (you will need to enter your serial number again):

If that still doesn't work:

Open a support ticket and describe as precisely as possible all the syptoms, also specify your oerating system, version and all other relevant details. If possible, you can send us the Crash Log from your computer: