Reactivate the software on a new / upgraded computer


I have previously registered my ArKaos software and successfully activated it on my computer. Now I have a new / upgraded computer and I need to activate the software again.


You can obtain a new serial number from your license for a computer that is replacing the previously registered computer.

To do so, proceed as follows:

  • log-in to your customer account page thanks to your e-mail and password
  • go to the "My Orders" page from the menu on the right
  • click "Your Codes" to show the license details and previously generated codes
  • under the existing codes, clik the button "Request a serial"
  • use your Machine ID code to request a serial number in your software license
  • use your serial number in the software to activate it and remove the limitations from the Demo version

The Machine ID Code is a 8 capital letters code identifying the ArKaos software installed on your computer (it looks like UTGRDESZ). You can find the Machine ID code in your ArKaos software, in the Preferences window under the Registration Tab (click for more help).

To prevent any abuse, one license is limited to one computer and can generate a maximum of three serial numbers. Once you have reached this limit you will need to order a new license if you need additional serial numbers.

For more information about how our software license works please refer to the related support article.