[Mac] How can I reset the software to default preferences?


[Mac] My software systematically crashes at startup
[Mac] My registered software asks for a serial at each startup
[Mac] How can I reset the software to default preferences?


Startup problems can be caused by corrupted Preferences files. Sometimes you may also have configured the software in a way that you cannot modify anymore (i.e. starting full screen automatically on a display which is no more connected to the computer). Most of the time, deleting the software Preferences files is enough to fix the issue, the software will create new, clean Preferences files at the next start.

To find and delete your ArKaos software Preferences files, first quit the software, then

For GrandVJ, find these files and move them to the trash:

For MediaMaster, find these files and move them to the trash:
MacintoshHD/Users/"YourUserName"/Library/Preferences/MediaMaster6/ArKaos MediaMaster_preferences.xml
MacintoshHD/Users/"YourUserName"/Library/Preferences/MediaMaster6/ArKaos MediaMaster_settings.xml

For the LED Mapper, find these files and move them to the trash:

For the Video Mapper, find these files in the Video Mapper folder within your library and move them to the trash:
The default location of the Video Mapper folder is:
MacintoshHD/Users/"YourUserName"/Library/Application Support/ArKaos/MediaMaster/Library/VideoMapper

Note: Relpace "YourUserName" in the path by your Mac OS X account user name. In Mac OS X the "Library" folder is hidden, to make it appear you can switch to the Finder then click "Go" in the top menu bar and press the "Alt" key on your keyboard at the same time you click the menu "Go", then you can select "Library".

Then launch the software again.

Now all your setting should be in default status.

If that doesn't work:

This means that the permissions problem may not be limited to the ArKaos software Preferences files, your computer probably needs a system-wide Preferences verification with Apple's Disk Utility application.

Please refer to the related Apple Support Article for instructions on how to verify / repair disk permissions with Apple's Disk Utility application.

After you've done that and restarted the computer, launch your ArKaos software. You may have to enter your serial number again to unlock the software. You can retrieve your serial number in your customer account, once logged in to the ArKaos web site, on the "My orders" page.

Thank you