Installing the License Dongle Drivers Under macOS 10.13 (High Sierra)

Apple introduced a new security mechanism in macOS 10.13 that requires a user’s approval before loading third-party kernel extensions (kexts). Installation of Sentinel Run-time Environment is impacted by this security mechanism.

When installing the License Dongle Driver on a new macOS 10.13 machine, you may receive an alert message “System Extension Blocked” as seen in the image below. This message does not occur if the operating system was upgraded from an earlier version and the License Dongle Driver had been previously installed.


Click OK. To complete the installation, proceed to Security & Privacy (as described below) in order to approve the kernel extension.

Important: Once you click OK, you have 30 minutes to approve the software.

To approve installation of the Run-time Environment:

 1. Click the Apple icon.
 2. Open **System Preferences**.
 3. Go to **Security & Privacy**.
 4. Click the **Allow** button displayed next to the blocked software.

Note: If you are not able to click the Allow button, you need to unlock the pane. Click the lock icon at the bottom of the pane, and then enter your admin password


 5. To complete the process, restart your computer.

If the blocked "System software..." is not listed on the General pane of the Security & Privacy screen, Gemalto recommends that you reinstall the Run-time Environment, and then immediately proceed with the steps 1 to 5 above.