What are the limitations of the software demo?


What are the limitations of the demo version?


First it's important to know that there aren't different installers for the demo version and the full version. The installer that you can download from our web site to try the software is the same as the one you can find on retail CD's.

When you first install the software on your computer and until you activate it with a valid serial it will run in "Demo mode": you can use all effects, add as many visuals as you wish, connect and use any controller, setup any display configuration and there is no time limitation (the "Demo mode" does not expire).

In addition to this, when running MediaMaster in "Demo mode", you can chose to try either the "Simple Mode" (MediaMaster Express and Pro) or the "Fixture Mode" (MediaMaster Pro only)

In GrandVJ 2 there is an option in the Preferences allowing you to restart the software in GrandVJ XT demo mode so you can try it with the Video Mapper

The only limitations are that you can't save your work and a 'DEMO' banner appears randomly on top of the visuals on the output and preview.

We always provide "'full" software installers, limitations from the "Demo mode" are removed when you activate the software with a with a valid serial number (and thus, concerning MediaMaster, you will be limited to the "Simple Mode" if you activate it with a MediaMaster Express serial).

In any case, you do not need to download another "full" software installer (except if there is a newer version available, of course) after you have bought a license.